You Are Completely Wrong, Jayne Part 1


  1. The men are not losers.  You are merely assigning false motivation to their apt commentary in a weak attempt to discredit their arguments.
  2. The men here do not “hate ALL women”.  That is just the same old straw-man argument that angry self-entitled princesses hide behind to promote their intolerance.  Men don’t like anyone with an extremely inflated sense of self-worth.  Who would?
  3. The women here whine and project that behaviour onto those they cannot debate.  Ad hominem attacks are the defensive tool of the immature.
  4. Laying down insults is far more a demonstration of bitterness than anything you have accused others of.
  5. Princesses are the last people that should be complaining that players might cause some collateral damage.  You don’t seem to care how many good and honest men have to endure the disrespect the typical online diva issues.  


Noobie to be due

Juliajayne1 wrote:

“All of the useless noobs who post at these gaming sites are losers who can’t get a date.”


While one could claim that the reference is only to useless noobs, based on your subsequent deliberate generalizations, you likely mean that most posting in opposition to you are “losers who can’t get a date”.

This is false, and your post is merely a hateful rant based on a faulty foundation.  This typifies the behaviour of zealots in that they are often so defensive of their denial that it is more important to cause injury to those they oppose rather than explore the truth.

In reality, many who post here in support of the player’s methods are responding to the purely hostile “replies” (of which Juliajayne1’s is a party to).  Zealots tend to conveniently forget this fact when they accuse others of responding in kind.  Have an objective look at the response thread.  How many of the alleged “hate” responses from men are not in response to unsolicited and visibly antagonistic comments from women?

That’s “ALL” Folks

Juliajayne1 wrote:

“They hate women because they can’t GET a woman. They’re angry because women actually do have something they want, hell spend ALL of their waking hours dreaming about, which is quite the irony, lol.”


As expected, your entire foundation is based on the intentional disambiguation that disapproval of the entitled and arrogant behaviour exhibited by many women on Plenty-of-Fish is “hate for all women”.

This is false, and the number of times zealots raise this “straw man” to beat even after it has been pointed out is akin to how conspiracy theorists resort to their same old debunked reasons ad nauseam.  Like any propaganda, “believers” repeat it often not only in an attempt to garner confederates (“Rally behind me, sisters!  They are attacking us ALL” ) they do it convince themselves they are being noble (and therefore justified in their hostility).

People opposed to this intolerance are not “angry” with women.   They are not angry because women have something they want.  No.  They are unimpressed with arrogance and self-serving behaviour.  That is all.  You only WISH that plaintiffs of Plenty-of-Fish princesses were angst filled because they are being denied the pleasure being in the company of royalty.  That is a very inflated view of self.  Just how apropos is that?  ROFL.

Daze of Whine and Roosh’s

Juliajayne1 wrote:

“So they come to places like this and whine and caterwaul and say disgusting things. They like to think they’re gamers, but what they really are are losers. Most are fat, not very attractive and have bad attitudes. They’re immature and have some weird thing about “western” women. Most are engaged with a man named Roosh V who is a major slut and whore and has NO morals and no soul. He pretends like he’s getting all sorts of women when in fact, he’s usually having sex with prostitutes.”


Have a look at the response thread.  The far greater proportion of whining, shrieking and generally “disgusting” comments are from women opposed to the author of the blog. 

Speaking of which, the whining accusation is projection by women who can’t logically defend their biased opinions.  They whine, so they hear the phantom caterwauling in their opposition.  Really.  Read the thread and tell us who is truly “whining”.

At any rate, calling people names (“losers”) in lieu of real argument is par for the course when irrational people attempt to defend a position.  Resorting to ad hominem is equally expected behaviour.  The irony is that name-calling and issuing forth pejoratives is really the hallmark of immaturity… yet you call others immature. 

Western women?  The thing most people have noted here and in other threads that discuss the demerits of Plenty-of-Fish is that of the entitled attitude of “Western Women” and how it is amplified by the online dating experience.  If you want to talk about “bad attitudes”, you may want to start there.

Whether Roosh V (who ever this person is) beds harlots, harpies or harems does not detract from the fact that you resort to childish taunting when you clearly have no case.  

Bit her often?

Juliajayne1 wrote:

“Most of these guys are probably bitter because they’re in that generation who got a college degree and now can’t find a job and have no prospects, which really is sad. I feel for them. But not at the expense of women. They’re pathetic little weasels and very misguided. Maybe they’ll grow up one day and realize that the things they say about women are merely a projection of how they feel about themselves – that THEY’RE worthless.”


Lol.  The denigration continues.  Princesses and their defenders hope that players have all sorts of challenges in their lives.  It’s just a fantasy to make them feel better.  The truth is that many who easily refute the views of clearly embittered women have a lot going for them. They just don’t like bullies like you.  It has little direct relationship to an alleged lack of career success.

You may feign sympathy for the individuals with the lamentable histories you invent for them, but few will have the same for your own obvious torment.  Calling others “pathetic little weasels” is hardly the behaviour of a well-balanced individual no matter how you feel you can blame others for this rage.  You are the sole creator of your anger towards others.

The things they say about women?  Again. It’s not ALL women as you imply.  If they have said anything, it is usually in response to the defamation screamed out by women here. You seem to feel you have licence to label others based on their behaviour, but no person can broadcast their identification of the self-aggrandized, delusional women that over-populate sites like Plenty-of-Fish.  That is a demonstration of inflated self-worth.  Interesting.  

Selfish Team

Juliajayne1 wrote:

“Having lots of self esteem is something gamer guys hate. They prey on women who have been abused or have low self esteem, like themselves. I hope they’re proud of the misery that they compound, but one gets the idea that they are just too self-absorbed and whiny to get that they can cause someone real harm. Like I said, useless noobs, all.”


No.  Women with lots of self-esteem are more likely to be adored by any man. “Gamers” would be no different.  However, one is mistaking having an inflated ego with having high self-esteem.  The two are quite easy to tell apart. 

The former, having an inflated ego (and by this, probably suffering from low self-esteem), is easily seen when people show a heightened contempt for any they feel challenged by.  They will employ the usual straw man arguments and quickly turn to name-calling and retreat to personal insults.  Everyone can see this in any “discussion” they participate in.

On the other hand, people with a reasonable dose of self-esteem will explore topics with respect for others (as they have no need to soothe a bruised ego by attempting to injure the opposition).

Like any confidence scheme, a player will exploit the greed of the targeted.  Those who are both honest to themselves and to others (as in actually looking for an honest relationship) have little to worry about from the “player”.  However, those who are the typical schemers looking to impress their peers with visible “trophies” can fall victim to overstated propositions.  Such is the hazard of being voracious.  Play and be played.    

Players are not in misery.  That is just the typical wishful thinking of the jealous.  Cause harm to others?  The irony in how every angry feminist ignores how many “good and honest” men have to endure the demeaning experience of trying to get a response on sites like Plenty-of-Fish is not lost.  They care not one iota how men are negatively affected by the heartless attitudes of self-absorbed princesses, yet, admonish “players” for potentially causing some collateral damage.

Sorry, Julia.  The few casualties caused by players pale in comparison to the wholesale carnage caused by the callous self-aggrandizing princesses that you defend.  It’s about time that men, in general, stopped caring so much about the feelings of those that care so little about them.


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