You Are Completely Wrong, Jayne Part 3


  1. Even the most casual observer can see which party is purely “petty, nasty and vindictive”. It is doubtful that you don’t see that.
  2. There are a lot more eligible men (as in relatively fit in mind, body, and attitude) on sites like Plenty of Fish than you assume. It is likely a more personal inability to attract them that has you believing they do not exist. Certainly, there are a lot more eligible than honestly attractive women there (not including the fraudulent ads of course).
  3. The deterioration into grade school taunting (Billy Goats? That’s a new one) is expected. It demonstrates your lack of real substance as well as puts your self-esteem in question. Please. Continue!
  4. When one resorts to name-calling and taunting when they can’t have their way, one hardly has licence to lecture others on self-respect, respect for others or maturity in general.

Immaculate Degeneration

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“Oh my, this lot is beyond bitter, they’ve gone to the dark side, ha! Actually most of them sound petty, nasty and vindictive. And they’re so ironic. Some dude down thread talks down women who get pregnant (apparently in a vacuum or by immaculate conception, right? lol), like they did this all by their lonesome. Derp.”

Well it can’t possibly get any more disingenuous than that (although, I am certain you will attempt to top it). Even the most casual observer will easily see that it is you and other antagonists that come here to denigrate and insult those that don’t agree with your faulty views.

Practically every post (and literally all of yours) is laced full of pejoratives and juvenile taunts so there is little doubt as to where the pettiness is being introduced into this thread.

Truth Fairy Tales

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“Some other of the eejits remark how ugly, stupid, fat, slutty, shallow and mendacious all these POF women are, without a whiff of irony when they’re advising other apparently fat, ugly, stupid, slutty, shallow and mendacious guys on how to put their height on the profile, as well as lie about income, profession, et al. Wow, it boggles the mind!”

Firstly, how is it determined that the advisor, let alone the advised are “apparently fat, ugly, stupid, slutty, etc…)?

In reality, it cannot.

The truth is that most guys here have said that it is the inflated self-worth of POF princesses, coupled with their fantasy that there is a perfect 10 just around the corner online, that prevents connections that would normally happen in the real world. The whole online dating world has been made a lot worse by the prevalence of the regression of women into the childish antics of schoolgirls. It is not lost that the sudden increase of attention (in the form of solicitations from men) online inflates the ego, and creates this sense of “I’m the greatest thing to men since Venus stepped off the clamshell”.

You are conveniently forgetting that important dynamic in order to assume that the guys are all “losers” that can’t get a date.

If it truly “boggled” your mind, you’d heed these words. Of course, this feigned amusement is just an excuse to be condescending. At least now, you cannot claim no one has enlightened you.

Small piano virtuosos: A pianist none the less.

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“It’d be funny except they seem to be playing out some form of revenge sex fantasy. To tell the truth, I doubt nary a one has had many more than a date or two and they’re just incensed because they’re all hornier than a two peckered billy goat! No doubt most of them look like billy goats! 😉 Poor widdle things. )Oh, now just talking about their tiny winkys). Wink, wink. ;-0”


This concept of “revenge sex” is yet another projection of the behaviour of vindictive women. These guys are like most men. Sex is fun for both (or more) parties. That is all. There is no hidden agenda.

You only wish that those who oppose you had an unfulfilled sex drive. This need to perceive that those who disagree with you are suffering is quite indicative of the bitterness that you falsely label others with. A theme amongst angry women like we see here is this need to believe that they have the power to manipulate men via sexual attraction. While this can be somewhat true for actually attractive women, it isn’t an ability granted for merely being female.

The expected deterioration into grade school taunting is further proof that one has no real argument and is merely venting personal frustration. Please. Continue. You provide entertainment for those who actually possess the self-esteem you think you have.

Minority Report

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“But to your point, yes, there are many wonderful men out there and I’ve been privileged to know some. I’m glad the loser types here are in the minority. One day maybe they’ll grow up and start respecting themselves, and can then respect others. One can hope!”

You may have indeed met many wonderful men in the real world, but most will agree that if you exposed any of the extremely hostile feelings you have towards men to them, they would likely not want to know you.

Self respect is unlikely to be happening when one behaves like a hurt child. This is well displayed when one repeatedly resorts to name-calling and taunting when they can’t get their way. Respect for others is even more remote considering this contemptuous attitude.

However, it does provide concrete proof that many seemingly “adult” women are hardly mature enough to have an adult conversation.


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