You are Completely Wrong, Jayne Part 4


  1. Conveniently forgetting the hostility that provokes colourful responses are we?  That’s pretty weak, even for a neophyte let alone someone who is experienced enough to be so critical of “noobs”.
  2. Stop breathing the fumes from the “Kruel-Aid” you are brewing in your cauldron.  Your opposition harbours no hate.  It’s more amusement with your hostility and denial.
  3. Apparently one has to become a woman to attract a woman… wtf?

The Sound of One Hand Slapping

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“LOL. Yes, the comments here reveal so many “good” men.”


One is conveniently forgetting the provocation of intentional hostility levelled at men on this thread.  Even if these men were not effectively aggravated, other than the cases of more colourful rejoinders their conduct is hardly unbecoming (and certainly not indicative of bad character).

In sheer contrast, the frequency at which women enter this conversation with literary guns ablaze is quite telling of the latent frustration seething in the typical online drama queen.

So… yes.  LOL.

Attraction Control

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“Hey feller, you attract your own water level. If all you can find are “princesses”, then you ain’t looking very hard. Maybe you should adjust your attitude, quit drinking the haterade….”


As most men here have been saying, people tend to attract the same level of attractiveness.  That is what men and women experience in the real world.  That’s common knowledge.  Even as an attempt to be condescending, your pronouncement is nothing new.

Whether women have deluded their self-worth to that of the quintessential POF Princess or to the lesser but still heavily over-rated self-assessment, the effect is the same:  Women on sites like POF tend to believe they are far more popular and attractive than they really are.  No amount of intense searching is changing their inflated view of themselves.  It has never been the problem of men over-reaching.  The problem has been that of women over-inflating.

That’s applying some acumen to “understand the problem”.  (Try it sometime instead of believing that you actually have intelligence even on par with all those banal men you are so dismissive of).

There’s no “haterade” being consumed on the part of your opposition regardless of the “kruel-aid” that you fill the punch bowl with.  It is likely the fumes emanating from that cauldron that has affected your demeanour.

Chameleon Karma

JulieJayne1 Wrote:

“…and become who you’d like to attract.”


I have to become “Kate Upton”?  Sex changes are rather expensive (although, my girlfriend would probably help me with the first bit of surgery for trying to attract Kate… LOL)


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