You’re Not Addressing the Real Issue, BxLady


  • It’s not about how she will treat him; it’s about how she determines whether or not he is worthy as well as the accuracy of her assessment of her self-worth.
  • The relative inconvenience to “honestly looking and not-delusional” women by players is extremely minor in comparison to the bad experience most men have to endure (just to get nothing.)
  • It’s not hard to find true love.  It’s still about how delusional women think that a guy isn’t worthy of it or cannot possibly supply it if he isn’t the stereotypical trophy hunk.

Bxlady Wrote:

What about the real women the one that takes care of her man cooks clean laughs with him and is 100 percent loyal. Why do we get mind fxcked. It is so hard to find true love and some men throw it away thinking the grass is greener on the other side


Hiding behind a Question

Let’s be careful how we preface a question here.

How a woman decides to treat her man once he is “her man” can and will be INDEPENDENT of what barriers (real or delusional) she places to decide whether or not he will be “her man”.  The embellishment that is suggested here is to get past the barriers.

She may well have the stereotypical delusional filters like:

  1. Must be 6 Feet Tall
  2. Must have 6 pack Abs
  3. Must have a 6 figure income

All the while, she is really a 5 at best (hence the delusion).

So, while a mutually beneficial, deep and long lasting relationship has dependencies on how caring and loyal each party is to each other, your query effectively sidesteps how most of the women encountered on sites like Plenty-of-Fish are delusional.  If you have inadvertently done this, then this should refocus you.  If you did this intentionally, can you not see how it is merely supporting the denial of culpability?

The Impotence of Being Honest

I’m sure there is a chorus of women saying, “But even the honest and subsequently faithful and caring woman is still faced with the distorted advertising!”

Sure, but this also conveniently forgets the very nature of the internet dating arena, and how it is largely ruined by women who are have such an inflated opinion of themselves that nothing shy of a 9 or 10 will even be considered.  Also keep in perspective the huge challenge faced by men in comparison to the women who are actually not delusional.  Every guy who isn’t a 9+ (and that’s the vast majority of men) gets a pittance of responses from a gargantuan effort (like 3 replies for every heartfelt and clever messages he carefully constructs and sends out).

In contrast, most (if not all) women online get to sit back and peruse through a steady flow of requests.  That is hardly a difficult task compared to what practically every guy has to endure.

The embellishment?

Again, let’s be honest.  The things that count to a woman genuinely looking for a connection are usually distinct from those looking for a hook-up or a trophy.  However, the Internet experience has two conditions that are wholly different from the outside world.

  1. You can be relatively blunt with people since the chance of immediate and potentially harmful retribution is highly unlikely.
  2. You forget that there is competition because, unlike the real world, you can’t see your competition unless you actively seek them out.

Add to this the instantaneous and remarkable increase in attention, and it becomes a recipe for the bad behaviour called “princess syndrome”.

Basically, the typical woman who has had little success generating interest let alone any attention in the real world suddenly has many solicitations.  It’s like the proverbial kid in a candy store, and it just keeps coming!  You can ignore without fear of ill treatment.  You can wait a day, and another couple of guys come a calling!  What started out as “maybe I can find a half-decent guy” quickly becomes, “let’s see if I can get a 9 or 10, if not, I can always test drive the couple of 6’s or 7’s that keep showing up”.

So, even the “honestly looking” woman can add to the dysfunction.

As her ego inflates, so does her opinion of herself.  Why do you think that most guys have the experience that the few who do respond are usually far from advertised?  If only a handful or men were experiencing this, sure, some could say, “it’s them and not the women”.  However, practically EVERY guy has this experience.  Who really is getting the mind fark?

Having game is a reaction to the “game playing” of women online.  A typical guy (so we aren’t talking about 10’s here) using a completely honest approach gets little in return for his efforts.  The little response he gets is usually “not as advertised” (and not in a positive direction.)  Is it any wonder that most advise men to just go look for a connection in the real world?

How Green is the other side of the Screen?

An “honestly looking for a connection and not delusional about herself” woman is hardly inconvenienced by the presence of players.  The percentage of honest guys far exceeds that of “players”.  These players are easily identified (usually, “too good to be true”).  To demand no “embellishment” is like demanding that no one lock his or her front door because “you” are not a thief, and it just inconveniences you having to get someone to unlock the door for you.  Who cares about how often people with unsecured front doors get robbed: It’s all about YOU not having to put in an extra effort.

How is this not the very sense of self-serving “entitlement” that is criticized?

For the few women who are completely honest in their qualities and intentions (and these are few enough to be practically non-existent) it should take no time at all to discover suitably eligible men even WITH the players in the mix.  The “cost” of having to filter out the players is minor when compared to the price (in time, effort and psychological stress) that the typical man pays.

If you truly don’t want players in the mix, then a better approach would be to get women to stop being so egotistical, delusional and inconsiderate online.

The Elusive Condition of Love

It’s not that hard to find.  However, delusional women on sites like Plenty of Fish think that it cannot be found or offered to anyone who isn’t a six foot or above, six figured income, six pack ab hunk.

That is why.


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