Dishonesty II

Dishonest Appeal

I’m clearly addressing her comments regarding the ability of these people to take care of or inform themselves — not her/your belief that men don’t like fat women. That’s clearly a subjective opinion and everyone’s entitled to that.

No.  You, like many of Mia’s opposition, were using passive aggressive tactics in an attempt to bully her into silence.

Your attempt to deal with Mia’s exposure of how few (really, very few) individuals can gain excessive amounts of body fat while on a caloric budget that, through the combination of intake and output, is at equilibrium, is much like the other response to her posts.  She correctly called you and others out on being passively aggressive.  When people attempt to refute an argument by purposely couching the opposition’s argument as an insult (“do I sound lazy and stupid to you?”) it is the proverbial “chip on the shoulder”.  That is passive aggressiveness.

It is clearly NOT just a “subjective opinion” that there is a consistent limit to how much body fat will result in most men not be being interested.

That you need to dismiss something you clearly don’t like to hear as merely “belief”, betrays a state of denial of the observable trend.  It is not merely “opinion” that most men do not prefer excessively overweight women.  It is demonstrated fact.  Just in case some attempt to employ the “appeal to ignorance” fallacy, no, one need not ask every single man.  A statistically significant and random sampling of men is adequate to discover that the range of body fat on women that men find acceptable is quite consistent.  While there are exceptions, most men have similar body shape preferences.

You are certainly entitled to whatever lies you wish to tell yourself, but you are not fooling anyone else.


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