Buying into Bias: How Liberal Apologists Make Fools of Themselves

While it is expected that those lending support will plea for leniency, every single person that has suggested this for Melissa Click has apparently had to resort to blatant intellectual dishonesty. The facts of the events are crystal clear. Her underlying attitude and agenda were not only displayed that day, but corroborated by the carefully crafted “apology” (which, to most would be seen as defiant more than apologetic). Is Melissa Click getting a “bum rap”? Absolutely not. That she isn’t already formally charged with assault and battery, removed from the Mizzou payroll permanently, and stripped of any privilege to misshape the fertile minds of youth is a travesty. “Bum Rap”? She’s getting off rather lightly at the moment.

The latest of the embarrassingly specious attempts is this piece of work:

Mizzou professor has bright, well-regarded history
30 Nov 2015 Published Date
Written by Mike Martin


“My fans tell me I’m great”

In it, Mike Martin surreptitiously fawns over the accolades and accomplishments of Melissa Click:

“The BEST class you will ever take at Mizzou!”
“AMAZING lectures.”
“Her classes will make you a better person.”

No. Can’t be. Not from all the stuff I’ve been reading.

“Very helpful….fun, thought provoking and educational.”
“One of the finest instructors out there.”

“She is not only a great teacher, but a great friend.”
“Melissa: If you’re reading this, know there are those of us you’ve affected to 
our core. Thank you!”


“…but the everyone else seems to disagree”

All the while he maintains a mock disbelief that someone who is reviled can somehow be incidentally revered at the same time:

Now hold on!
Mizzou communications professor Melissa Click is anti-American. Why, she tried to shut down the US Constitution during a student demonstration at Mizzou.
She teaches classes on lightweight stuff like Fifty Shades of Grey and Lady Gaga.
And she’s facing an assault charge for putting her petite frame in front of a photojournalist and a videographer — pretty big dudes, from what I could tell — to hamper their access to a tent city during the CS1950 student protests.

Apparently, this freedom-fighter has some difficulty understanding the logical concept that the rating of person’s deeds are a broad spectrum and are not mutually exclusive. Along with that, he seems to forget that being appreciated in one aspect does not exempt one from being responsible and not violating laws, and especially not violating laws that are meant to maintain the equal rights of others. Furthermore, we have to be objective in seeing who populates the “fan club” and therefore be wary of potential bias.

Look at the dismal disingenuous mocking of “pretty big dudes” as if to say that such a comparative mismatch in size makes it unlikely that Melissa Click would not bully or assault these men. Any reasonable person can see that Melissa Click was hiding behind the numbers on her side as well as the realization that with so many witnesses (both immediate and retrospectively with video evidence) she was by far the “greater force” and she was aware of it. It wouldn’t matter if those “dudes” were 6 foot 7 trained assassins, she would still have numbers well in her advantage. In case Mike Martin doesn’t think that matters, does he really think that Melissa Click would have been so brazen in a scenario where she didn’t have the advantage to hide behind a victim status? I don’t think she’d be so brave in a confrontation on the streets of a third world nation where White Knights are few and far between, and she is not seen as someone more “equal” than others. Shame on you, Mike. Your dishonesty is pathetic.


“Global Swarming”

(An assault charge? Really?)

Yes. Really. Not only was Melissa Click’s actions that of textbook assault, it was pre-meditated, and she seems to show no remorse over it.

Her method of intimidation is common to bullies in that she only pretends to be the victim. She hides behind the unwritten social norm the Western world that men do not physically attack women. She was fully aware that she was in no imminent danger of being battered. This is the cowardly stance that all radical feminists exhibit. Everyone struts like a champion when they feel they never have to actually stand behind their bluster. She is not above the law no matter how “petite” she relatively is.


“Four out of Five Sycophants Agree…”

So why all the praise — over a decade’s worth — for this anti-education, anti-Constitution, lefty Communist pinko?

What “praise”? Accolades from sycophants and those who are complicit to the same fraudulent academics that she used to bilk the system are not “praise”. Really. Why not submit Melissa Click’s own tributes too while you are at it.

Anti-Education? Anti-constitution? These are both catch phrases. (I’m not sure where the “communist pinko” epithet comes from, but that’s getting a bit outlandish) While they describe her actions, they are representations meant to couch her opposition as being extreme (basically a variation of the misrepresentation that people use to introduce a straw man argument). Certainly not everything Melissa Click does is not aligned with educational mandates or the constitution. However, the point is that frivolous research that directly robs the educational budget and self-righteous conduct that directly robs others of their constitutional rights should not be part of her legacy (not just as an educator, but as a citizen).

Being that it is clear that she has a history, and still maintains this authoritarian “above-the-law” stance, she should also not be part of the system.


Ambient Temperature

Maybe Click is getting a bum rap. Maybe the heat of the moment should have cooled after the moment passed.
Tim Tai, the photojournalist, and Mark Schierbecker, the videographer, did good work that day, capturing Click, Mizzou Greek Life director Janna Basler, and overheated student protestors in a slip-up that damaged their credibility.
Click’s fiery rhetoric — “I need some muscle over here!” — prompted a national conversation about Freedom of Speech and Press.

There’s no “maybe” surrounding this. She is guilty of having the attitude that her cause puts her above the law. She is not above using intimidation tactics, and she has perpetrated both assault and battery. While she may have been more “emotional” at the time, her subsequent “apology” demonstrates that she maintains her position and only really regrets being publically witnessed being the bully.

If the protest became overheated it was in no part not due to how Melissa Click, Janna Basler and Chip Callahan egged them on. Melissa Click did not damage her “credibility” since even a cursory look at her history shows her to be nothing but a quasi-egalitarian intolerant. She basically confirmed this that day. While there is certainly is a conversation about “freedom of speech” and “freedom of press”, the issue remains that Melissa Click felt that “freedom to be in a public space” was her decision to make for others.


Great White Wash

But the assault charge goes beyond that debate, reminding me of those social media arguments when I have everyone agreeing with me, only to jump the shark with more snark.

Since when have criminal acts been tethered by an associated and ongoing debate such that these acts are to be overlooked if the debate subsides? What? Like if someone robs a bank while there is a debate about the price of oil, the charges should be dropped once the price is no longer newsworthy? It’s disingenuous commentary like that which destroys whatever credibility you may have started with.


Only Grey-philes and Little Monsters need apply…

Since the Tai/Schierbecker video broke, armchair critics have savaged Click for her “dumbed-down” academic work. But to the people that count — her students and fellow academics — Click’s research and teaching is rigorous and eye-opening.

“Armchair” critics? Your contempt of the observer does not dismiss the accuracy of their criticism. Spending tax-payer dollars to “study” popular pulp fiction is hardly a Nobel Laureate’s pursuit by any reasonable academic standard. Let’s have a quick look at what you think constitutes a “qualified” reviewer.


Conflict of Pinterest

“Challenging grading.” “Be prepared to work.” “Really makes you think,” are among comments left on her Rate My Professors page, where she is rates a 4.9 out of 5.

It doesn’t take a Rhode’s scholar to figure out that special interest courses will be filled with advocates of that particular special interest. If that special interest has an underlying theme of “special” entitlement, then one would expect that sycophantic behavior will occur. If there was a “professor” that specialized in “I hate rainy days”, it completely expected that such instructor will generate all sorts of praise for justifying and encouraging the hate for rainy days. Please. You’re unscientific approach is appalling.


A Perjury of Peers

Click is “preeminent,” a “leading light,” Jonathan Gray, professor of media and cultural studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison, told Guimel Sibingo, in a May story about Click’s career. “Her work is politically alive and important.” Gray

Have a look at studies what Jonathan Gray specializes in. If you guessed that it involves watching popular TV programs and going into excruciating detail about their social commentary, you’d be right on. Do you even know what “biased” means? Why don’t you ask Melissa’s mom for her “expert” opinion. Seriously, Mike, your hubris is insulting.


Omni-Boors: Why Comfort Food isn’t automatically Haut Cuisine

Like all innovators, Click has found a niche: cultural icons mainstream tastemakers ignore. She publishes research about “those books, movies and artists that people both love — and love to hate,” writes Sibingo.

You seem to be mistaking inflating what isn’t noteworthy with innovative thought. Fifty Shades of Grey is no more a cultural icon to literature as Gangnam Style is to pop music. While both share commercial success, they also share a complete lack of social value, real lasting worth or sophistication. Just as Psy shamelessly rode the coat tails of K-Pop’s rise in popularity, offering deep insights into Fifty Shades is just catering to a fan base. People always like to create mythical meaning where there isn’t any. Sometimes a canvas of blue is a waste of time, pigment and cloth, and not a work of art to be discovered by a “more open mind”.


News: Science Studies Phenomena; Frauds Invent Them

No gem among critics, Fifty Shades of Grey nevertheless sold more than 100 million copies and made $167 million at the box office. It’s a phenom, particularly among women. Scientists study phenoms, so Click has studied Fifty Shades.

There is nothing phenomenal about a novel that takes advantage of immature fantasy being successful among, drum roll, people with immature fantasies. Scientists generally study things where the cause and effect are not clearly understood. In that sense they work towards bringing clarity where confusion currently exists. There is no mystery that women like the idea of a tremendously wealthy, handsome and coveted man to “discover” the hidden gem “she” really is. Mix that with some racy and taboo practices and voila you’ve re-hashed the trashy dime-store novel and made some money. There’s no “study” required. Why not study the development of the tint in FIMO? Fifty shades of Clay is a “phenomenon” too. Please. You liberal apologists really need to take a course in logic and deductive skills as yours is sadly lacking.


More People Prefer Winning Over Losing: Must Invest $$$ to find out why!

For the trolls who think her work trivial, consider the global media industry is poised to rake in $2 trillion next year — that’s Trillion, with a “T”. Click wants to know why audiences — especially women — are drawn to the industry’s biggest money makers, despite the critical diss.

Your pejorative is unfounded and your reasoning is fallaciously based. No one is a troll just for realizing that Melissa Click’s study on Fifty Shades of Grey is trivial. While the Global Media cycles through an enormous flow of revenue, that doesn’t automatically mean that “deep study” is merited. Studies are merited if the cause and effect are not effectively understood. You don’t see much financed study on the social commentary of McDonald’s French Fries. Kids love them. Rocket scientists are not getting hired to find out why. Apparently kids tend to love things sweet, salty, and greasy. Go figure.

As far as wondering why women are drawn to Fifty Shades of Grey… that would be like wondering why men are attracted to hot women and fast cars. Do we really need to pay some ego-tripper to tell us it’s all about sex and power? The question is why we offer junk degrees. It is apparent that some graduates don’t even have the ability to form a logical argument.


Fantasy Chasing Hedonist vs. Philanthropist Hero… and people don’t see the moral difference?

Why, she wonders, are “Fifty Shades or Twilight considered stupid, mindless, dangerous messages for women, but nobody questions what messages Batman or Iron Man send to young boys and men?”

It is exactly this type of unfounded pondering that shows how worthless her commentary is. Let’s take a quick look.

Fifty Shades tells women to chase that bad boy, rich guy trophy and get some kinky action while you are at it. Remember it is “all about you” and even though the world says you aren’t classically beautiful, that hunk will prefer you over all that have offered themselves to him. Essentially, Fifty Shades glorifies solipsism. Twilight? Sure, let’s hang with a shadowy underworld figure because he’s just unfairly persecuted by a rival gang. Yeah, a real “social responsibility” message there.

In contrast, Batman is a selfless fighter of crime and puts his own well-being at risk in the pursuit of justice. He will fight for his fellow citizens even though he really doesn’t have to as he can easily live the sheltered life of a billionaire. He also knows that to fight the evils of the world he has to train to be better than his adversaries, and if not better, he’s got to try harder. Iron man, partakes a little more in the hedonist lifestyle, but he too promotes the same self-sacrifice in directly confronting the criminal element. Like Batman he uses all his mental capacity to find winning solutions. Those sound like rather positive messages for young boys and men alike.

Yes. Nobody questions the messages that Batman and Iron Man sends out because they are messages of altruistic heroism (especially Batman). Fifty Shades? It basically sends the message to young women to hold out for that mythical trophy. You see the behavior played out online on dating sites. One would have to be rather blind to not see these things.



She’s discovered social biases “against the things women like,” a finding that could influence sales and marketing strategies in that $2 trillion global media universe.

It is unlikely that the global media universe is unaware of how to cater to women. There are plenty of “You Go Girl” fantasies found in popular media. Just what “social biases” exclusively “discovered” by Melissa Click do you think is going to make any real impact on the revenue flow of the industry. If you are going to make such big claims, you should be at least transparent enough to be a little more specific. Then again, being deliberately vague is par for the course when it comes to social justice warrior defenses.


The Epitome of Sycophancy

Elected chair of the International Communication Association popular communication division, Click won University of Missouri Graduate Advisor of the Year in 2013. Students and former students sang her praises to Sibingo.

Let’s put that in perspective (you know, like how responsible communications should strive to do). Being elected chair of a sub-committee of a small membership base (yes, 4,500 members worldwide is not large by global standards) that has at least 15 sub-committees is not necessarily a great achievement. When one considers the political undertones of the association, and how the history of Click aligns with it, then it’s not an achievement at all. If anything, it’s just sycophants elevating one of their own (much like how disingenuous articles try to do the same).


“My Slave Adores Me”

“She’s made my experience at Mizzou so much better than it could have been,” said Cristin Compton, who added Click’s door is always open.

It is not likely you don’t know that Cristin Compton is a research assistant under Click for the past several years since this quotation comes from Guimel Sibingo’s equally biased opinion piece that you use as support. You’d think that someone’s crony would be like minded in affiliation and very likely to praise their master. Please, Mike, your dishonesty is painfully obvious.


“…As Does My Other Slave”

The professor is also known for opening career doors, a big plus in today’s high-debt, low-job post-college employment environment. “Some of the coolest things have been times when she’s been able to introduce me and other advisees to kind of famous people in the discipline,” said Amanda Edgar, a graduate teaching assistant.

Amanda Edgar is also an assistant that is under the supervision of Melissa Click. Do you think that people can’t see a biased source that is so blatantly used as support for a equally biased opinion? It is also interesting that Amanda Edgar is mentioned right after Cristin Compton was in Guimel Sibingo’s promotional article. While it isn’t exactly plagiarism, it is an indication that you probably don’t have a lot to draw from and are clutching for support. It is no surprise that those on a radical agenda will eventually flock together. However, no amount of referencing their love-in exonerates the willful committing of illegal activity.


Rate Culture

Similar comments appear on RateMyProfessors.

“Following my courses, Melissa remained in touch and helped me get into graduate school. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it were not for her interest in the students. I will never have a teacher like her again.

“Yep — she is that good.”

Just what part of special interest courses attracting special interest advocates and therefore chances of those offering those special interest courses getting accolades are you pretending is not the underlying bias here?

If some person headed a course on “the Merits of Whiskey”, she’d attract that very crowd. If that person had a background in radical Whiskey-ism, then it stands to reason that he or she would be getting praise from those that are boosters of the same.

It is amazing that those who attempt to overlook both the self-serving agenda and the underhanded tactics to propagate that agenda of bullies like Melissa Click always resort to very dishonest arguments. Thank you for proving yet again that deceit and self-righteous duplicity are the main weapons of radical liberal apologists.


Dishonorable Minion

— Mike Martin

From the protracted and deliberate disingenuous nature of your editorial, your name has been sullied and is effectively added to the list of social justice warrior sycophants. That you had to rely on obvious dishonest presentation (and continue with coy rhetoric like pretending that cherry-picking accolades from like-minded advocates are not “biased”) show the lack of integrity that quasi-egalitarians live by. You are pathetic.


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