White Knights and Fairy Tales VI

A Rebuttal to Krantzstone:


Krantzstone Item 19:

Heh, no need to try and hate on me because you lost the argument. You shouldn’t have come in throwing straw man arguments if you wanted to actually win an argument.

People don’t actually respect bullies like you enough to “hate” them. It is really more of an irreverence (and one that is earned). Gorf didn’t lose any argument in that it is you that brings in all the references about this brand or that brand of feminism. As far as the issue on how modern feminists feel that women are unfairly left off the battle line, it is disingenuous to think that an unfounded prejudice kept women from being considered for combat duty. The point is that only in desperate times do societies dip deep into the pool to enlist women into front line roles. With such a low percentage of women making the grade when evaluation is agnostic to sex it is merely a pointless and academic exercise to allow women to try out for combat roles. Why stop there? Why not allow the elderly and the blind to try out? After all it’s about “equal opportunity”. This isn’t a reduction ad absurdum fallacy when you consider how sexual dimorphism puts women in a huge disadvantage hand-to-hand combat (the whole “won’t martial arts like Wing Chun account for the difference?” has been covered in a previous reply of mine so any white knights that want to try that angle… it’s been addressed).


Krantzstone Item 20:

And in case you haven’t been watching the news lately:

In this modern ultra “politically correct” First World, law-makers are allowing this lunacy. It doesn’t make it prudent or even remotely efficient.

Krantzstone Item 21:

So now that we can check that off our list, what other petty grievances about women and feminists do you have that we can enlighten you about?

Lol. That hubris is so precious. Law-makers bowing to political pressure doesn’t even attempt to address how plumbing or scavenging is rarely a professional choice of women. If you are speaking of petty grievances, that would be the laughable “street harassment” (whereby some feminist will claim she felt “uncomfortable”, and therefore “oppressed”, even though individuals are not the litmus test of what is the definition of “comfortable” is.) If people needed your pedestrian vision of the world to be the pathway to enlightenment, we are truly in a mess. Seriously, Krantz, you are kidding yourself if you think you’ve “won” any argument here.


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