White Knights and Other Fairy Tales II

A Response to Krantzstone:



Krantzstone Item 9:

Not a convincing rebuttal.

Gorf’s response is convincing enough. The innuendo is that your fallaciously based response is reminiscent of the typical sycophant’s propaganda replete with deflective, but essentially invalid “reasoning”. As such, most will see it as rather uncourageous. Prove us wrong. Have the pluck to recognize Neo-feminism for the sexist agenda that it is.


Krantzstone Item 10:

Also, it’s telling that one of your ‘frequented communities’ is Return of Kings. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the Return of Kings as a misogynistic hate site created by a self-admitted repeat sexual assaulter and rapist who wants to repeal rape laws. You would do well to stay away from misogynistic hate sites that will rot your moral centre.

While you can have even an unfounded opinion, to imply that Return of Kings is determined to be a “misogynistic hate site” by a legal resource is specious at best. This is the usual dishonesty from Neo-feminists in that it is a half-truth at best. SPLC was challenged about its comments in their 2012 report and subsequently rescinded it “evaluation”.

…In response to criticism, the SPLC later clarified that it was not labeling the sites as members of a hate movement, but wished to draw attention to “specific examples of misogyny and the threat, overt or implicit, of violence”.


It is you that would benefit from steering clear of divisive movements like Neo-Feminism (regardless of what name you attach to your sect).


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