White Knights and Other Fairy Tales IV

A Rebuttal to Krantzstone:


Krantzstone Item 12:

If you feel that threatened by women and feminism, you would do well to question how well you adhere to stereotypical patriarchal notions of what constitutes masculinity.

Certainly if someone felt “threatened” by women or feminism, one could explore many options. However, to challenge the disingenuous nature of your response is hardly due to such things.

If anything, Gorf’s response suggests that a cause for supporting the narrative of Neo-feminism is commonly a lack of backbone to stand up to their bullying. Since many supporters, including yourself, apply obviously spurious reasons and deflective tactics (I’ve already illustrated in detail where this has been happening) it cannot be due to righteousness. The kind of dishonesty being applied points to a begrudging recognition that one’s beliefs are effectively unfounded, but still consciously promoted.

Sycophants often support causes in hopes to ingratiate themselves. Others may actually lack the insight to recognize the fallacious foundations of a cause. There are even those who cheer it on since they identify with a “victim mentality” and want to realize a revenge fantasy. One thing is for sure: Neo-feminism is nothing more than a solipsistic whine for more privilege. The convenient defense is usually a rote, “You ignorant misogynist!” It’s gotten to the point that most just see nothing but spoiled brats.


Krantzstone Item 13:

While people like you continue to make personally abusive and misogynistic comments from the relative safety of their pseudonymity, young feminist girls around the world are advocating for equal rights for girls and women. Some, like Malala Yousafzai, do so even knowing that they risk getting another bullet to the head just for advocating for girls to be allowed (by misogynistic men) to receive an education.

In a later post you indicate your familiarity with the fallacy of relative privation, yet you essentially leverage the same tactic here.

You are the one calling people ignoramuses and misogynists (and for really nothing more than frequenting a site you see as such, but is not really promoting misogyny or advocating stupidity), and you call out others for “making personally abusive” comments? This is the problem with Neo-feminist advocates. They feel justified in attacking anyone who challenges them because “Women are the victims”. If you don’t see the specious rationalization in that, you are not being honest. Not only that, some will even go to dredge up the good old, “There are women and children suffering from abuse around the world… therefore… I reserve the right to act with righteous indignation to any criticism of anything under my umbrella of feminism”. I can attack you with “justification” because somewhere, some female has or will suffer some injustice.

That describes your behavior here.


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